Even if you aren't an art buff, a visit to a museum can be as entertaining as it is educational -- if you get a little creative with your snapshots, that is.

Just take these 21 brilliant people below, for example. They knew how to turn an average cultural outing into Internet comedy gold: by taking silly photos while interacting with the installations.

Is it art? Perhaps. Is it funny? Definitely.

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  • The Incredible Pain Of Silence

  • Puticus A Ring On It

  • Is It Chicken? Are We Even People?

  • The Exuberance Of Art

  • "Oh No They Didn't"

  • The Face Of Your Nightmares

  • Grandpa REALLY Liked The Wax Museum

  • Real Mature, Guys

  • Cue The 'Brokeback Mountain' Jokes

  • The Art Of Boredom

  • Man Desperately Reaching Out For Attention

  • What An Incredible Likeness

  • Life Imitating Art

  • A Contemplation On Aging

  • Un-bear-able

  • Darwin's Foray Into Art

  • Pygmalian Revisited

  • Dances With Artwork

  • Confusion In The Guise Of A Pose

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

  • Does This Look Like Sparta To You?

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