Twitter can be a wonderful place to unearth economic news and analysis. The only problem is knowing who to follow. But fear no longer, because we have culled a list of 26 top economists on Twitter for you.

Without further ado:

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  • Jared Bernstein -- @econjared

    <a href="">Jared Bernstein</a>, a former economic adviser to the Obama administration, <a href="">explains the economy and economic policy on his blog here</a>.

  • Paul Krugman -- @NYTimesKrugman

    <a href="">Paul Krugman</a>, the Nobel Prize-winning economist at Princeton, is a must-read. This Twitter feed automatically tweets out links to his New York Times columns and blog posts once they're published. He writes frequently for <a href="">his New York Times blog here</a>.

  • Mark Thoma -- @MarkThoma

    <a href="">Mark Thoma</a>, an economics professor at the University of Oregon, is the Matt Drudge of the economics blogosphere. He tweets out quality economics links from around the web every day and posts them to <a href="">Economist's View, his blog</a>.

  • Umair Haque -- @umairh

    <a href="">Umair Haque</a> warns of institutional collapse and the rise of "neofeudalism," our new winner-take-all economy. You can read <a href="">his Harvard Business Review blog here</a> and <a href="">his new website on fixing the world here</a>.

  • Amir Sufi -- @profsufi

    <a href="">Amir Sufi</a>, a finance professor at the University of Chicago, <a href="">tweets out graphs and insights</a> on the troubles that many consumers are facing, such as the recent collapse in household balance sheets.

  • Nouriel Roubini -- @Nouriel

    <a href="">Nouriel Roubini</a>, also known as "Dr. Doom," is <a href="">the renowned economist who predicted the Great Recession</a> and still warns of headwinds to the global economy.

  • Justin Wolfers -- @justinwolfers

    <a href="">Justin Wolfers</a>, an economics professor at the University of Michigan, tweets insights and links on the economy. He also holds politicians to account for failing to respond to the unemployment crisis. He and Betsey Stevenson write <a href="">columns for Bloomberg View here</a>.

  • Betsey Stevenson -- @BetseyStevenson

    <a href="">Betsey Stevenson</a>, an economics professor at the University of Michigan, tweets useful context about economic issues. She and Wolfers write <a href="">columns for Bloomberg View here</a>.

  • Owen Zidar -- @omzidar

    <a href="">Owen Zidar</a>, a PhD student in economics at the University of California at Berkeley, tweets relevant economics links. <a href="">He concluded in his recent research</a> that tax cuts for the rich are not correlated with economic growth. He also blogs <a href="">here</a>.

  • Noah Smith -- @Noahpinion

    <a href="">Noah Smith</a>, a finance professor at Stony Brook University, provides smart insights with laugh-out-loud commentary. He might even make his followers want to go back to economics class. <a href="">He blogs here</a> and <a href="">writes for The Atlantic here</a>.

  • Austan Goolsbee -- @Austan_Goolsbee

    <a href="">Austan Goolsbee</a>, a former top economic adviser to President Barack Obama, tweets mostly about politics, not economics. His jokes make him worth following. He occasionally <a href="">blogs here</a>.

  • Dean Baker -- @DeanBaker13

    <a href="">Dean Baker</a>, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, busts common economic policy myths on <a href="">his Beat the Press blog</a>.

  • Bruce Bartlett -- @BruceBartlett

    <a href="">Bruce Bartlett</a> is a former economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan, though he's no longer a Republican. He writes about economic policies with a critical eye and focuses on evidence of whether or not they have worked in the past. He <a href="">writes for The New York Times here</a>.

  • Miles Kimball -- @mileskimball

    <a href="">Miles Kimball</a>, an economics professor at the University of Michigan, always brings a thoughtful take to economic issues. <a href="">He blogs here</a>.

  • Stephen King -- @KingEconomist

    <a href="">Stephen King</a>, chief global economist at HSBC, is worth following simply because so few bank economists use Twitter.

  • Jodi Beggs -- @jodiecongirl

    <a href="">Jodi Beggs</a> explains economics for ordinary people, and she can be pretty funny. Case in point: <a href="">"Reasons Not To Date An Economist."</a> She <a href="">blogs here</a>.

  • Kaushik Basu -- @kaushikcbasu

    <a href="">Kaushik Basu</a>, chief economist at the World Bank, is <a href="">a "rogue thinker,"</a> in the words of The Daily Beast's Matthew Zeitlin.

  • Harold Pollack -- @haroldpollack

    <a href="">Harold Pollack</a>, a professor at the University of Chicago, tweets about health policy with expertise.

  • Shoshana Grossbard -- @econoflove

    Feeling lonely? <a href="">Shoshana Grossbard</a> will tweet useful links for you to improve the relationships in your life.

  • Stephen Bronars -- @SBronars

    <a href="">Stephen Bronars</a>, senior economist at Welch Consulting, tweets useful economic data and links. <a href="">He also blogs here</a>.

  • Joseph Brusuelas -- @joebrusuelas

    <a href="">Joseph Brusuelas</a>, senior economist at Bloomberg LP, tweets insightful analysis of economic data promptly after it's released.

  • Ian Shepherdson -- @IanShepherdson

    <a href="">Ian Shepherdson</a>, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomic Advisers, tweets wonky information in a straightforward way.

  • William Easterly -- @bill_easterly

    <a href="">William Easterly</a>, an economics professor at NYU, fights what he calls "nonsense" with irony and humor. <a href="">He blogs here</a>.

  • Allison Schrager -- @AllisonSchrager

    <a href="">Allison Schrager</a>, an associate director at Dimensional Fund Advisors, writes about economics in an accessible way.

  • Robert Reich -- @RBReich

    <a href="">Robert Reich</a>, an economics professor at the University of California at Berkeley and former Labor Secretary, is an outspoken progressive voice standing up for workers and the middle class. <a href="">You can read his blog here</a>.

  • Tim Duy -- @TimDuy

    <a href="">Tim Duy</a>, an economics professor at the University of Oregon, <a href="">blogs here about the economy, and Federal Reserve policy in particular</a>.

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