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Modern Baseball's Worst Rookie Season

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Minnesota Twins' Cristian Guzman (15) is congratulated by teammate Jay Canizaro after the Twins beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 8-2 in Minneapolis, Wednesday night, Aug. 23, 2000. | AP

What I wanted to do was identify the worst rookie season in modern baseball history. This is something one could make very simple or very complex, depending on one’s dedication to the task and belief in the principle that complex is always better. I went with very simple. I defined modern baseball as beginning in 1969, when the strike zone changed and the mound was lowered. I set no playing-time minimums. I sorted position players and pitchers by WAR because I am that uncreative (or intelligent. Let’s go with intelligent?). Before I reveal the big winner, let’s pay a visit to the player page for one Andy Larkin.

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