11/13/2012 02:19 pm ET

Petraeus Movie: Casting The Inevitable Film About The CIA Sex Scandal (PHOTOS)

The David Petraeus sex scandal gets more complicated by the minute: It now involves at least four families and one shirtless FBI agent. Once the dust settles, however, and Petraeus, his wife Holly, his lover-slash-autobiographer Paula Broadwell, Marine Gen. John Allen and social liaison Jill Kelley, move on with their lives, only one last thing will remain: the inevitable movie version of this crazy story.

Whether "Betrayed Us" (HuffPost Entertainment's admittedly ineloquent working title; get it?) ever comes to pass remains to be seen -- Danny Strong, the ball is definitely in your court -- but if it does, here are some casting suggestions. Who should play Petraeus and Broadwell? Find out in the gallery below and leave your best choices in the comments section.

David Petraeus Movie

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