11/13/2012 12:35 pm ET

Sam Sifton Is Going To Save Your Thanksgiving, Thanks To BuzzFeed Food (VIDEO)

BuzzFeed Food did a really nice thing for us, guys. They asked Sam Sifton to boss us around big time about Thanksgiving. In the following video, the former NYT Restaurant Critic takes us all to task. "There is no place for an appetizer," he reminds us.

Although Sifton's rules may seem strict, we're inclined to trust him. He did write a book about Thanksgiving, after all.

BuzzFeed did not, however, stop there. After getting Sifton to shout these rules at us (for our own good) they started building hyper-serious, LOLcat-reminiscent quotation images like the one below.

sam sifton thanksgiving

Go check out all the amazing photos (and make your own!) on BuzzFeed Food.

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You heard Sifton, you WILL make a turkey.

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