America, meet Ruger and Rogue, two Australian cattle dogs who love to push each other around in a child's car.

They made their TV debut on "Late Show with David Letterman" during a Stupid Pet Tricks segment on Tuesday night. With some prodding from Linda Wright, they finally show off the best method of dog transportation we've ever seen.

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  • Two in the pool

    With all that fur, we're glad they are staying cold.

  • Tongue Wagging

    The happiest dog in the world.

  • Just Chillin'

    "Please bring me a nice mai tai."

  • Showering Dog

    This dog is actually a human who has been turned into a dog.

  • Lounging

    This is the pool everyone had as a child.

  • Little Pool

    Whatever works!

  • More tongue wagging

    We wish wagging our tongues to keep cool worked.

  • Two Dogs

    The trick to a good picture is to have the subjects at different levels.

  • Just a head

    The trick is you just have to jump in all at once.

  • The cooler

    This dogs like the literal use of a cooler.

  • Ducks and dogs

    Like Tony Soprano, he loves his ducks.

  • All Wet

    This looks so refreshing, we think we might try it. Oh wait, hose water is freezing!

  • Metal

    "This works just fine."

  • Dog At Night

    He senses that his owner wants to leave, but he was just getting comfortable.

  • Dog On A Leash

    "What's that over there?"

  • Twins in a pool

    They're calculating how they can both lay down.

  • Model Dog

    He's a professional poser.

  • Existential Dog

    He's contemplating his existence (probably, right?)

  • A dog and his tennis ball

    This dog has all he could ever need: a pool and a tennis ball.

  • Livin' the Life

    Even though for most dogs every day is a vacation, this definitely takes the cake.

  • By a Tree

    This dog is cool in every sense of the word.

  • Clear water dog

    "Where'd the tennis ball go?"

  • Dog Looking Off Into The Distance

    This dog always looks cool.

  • Soaked

    "How does my hair look?"

  • Three Dogs

    These dogs definitely know someone is taking a picture of them.

  • It's so hot!

    He likes to take up the whole pool.

  • Dog on ladder

    "I like to get my feet wet first."

  • Pug not having it

    "Why does it have to be so hot? Why are you taking a picture of me in this state?"

  • Shaking

    Is there any move more refreshing than a dog drying off?

  • Three Dogs

    They all get their own section.