The Madness Of Art: Jim Kempner Reassures Everyone That Hurricane Sandy Won't Hit Chelsea (VIDEO)

11/14/2012 06:04 pm ET | Updated Oct 30, 2013

In the second episode of this season's "The Madness of Art," Jim Kempner (of Chelsea's Jim Kempner Fine Art gallery) reassures all that the impending Hurricane will wreak no havoc on his gallery. Yes, he was talking about Sandy. And yes, he was very, very wrong.

The playful sketch pokes fun at the disastrous situation in which many Chelsea gallerists have found themselves, ending with a dedication to "the enduring spirit of the art world." For more of "The Madness of Art" -- which is a pretty hilarious glimpse into the twisted mind of one of New York's major art dealers -- check out the four entire seasons here.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

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