Modernist cuisine used to be reserved for four-star restaurants and cutting-edge chefs, but it has become more and more accessible to the home cook -- the adventurist ones that is.

With free modernist online cooking classes available and the pricy cooking equipment being more affordably catered for the home, we're finding that modernist home cooks are becoming a thing. The release of Nathan Myhrvold's five volume tome, "Modernist Cuisine," may have contributed to this trend as well.

Have you fallen under the modernist trend? Your opinion on sous-vide may hold the key. Take the quiz below and find out how modernist -- or traditional -- of a home cook you are.

How Modernist Of A Cook Are You?

  • <HH--PHOTO--COLDBREW--862948--HH>

    Question 1 of 10

    Have you ever used a coffee cold-brew kit?

  • <HH--PHOTO--TWEEZERS--862939--HH>

    Question 2 of 10

    Do you use long tweezers in the kitchen?

  • <HH--PHOTO--SOUSVIDE--862796--HH>

    Question 3 of 10

    Do you sous-vide?


    Question 4 of 10

    Are you familiar with whipping siphons?


    Question 5 of 10

    Is there a pressure cooker on your counter?

  • <HH--PHOTO--BLOW-TORCH--862815--HH>

    Question 6 of 10

    What model of blowtorch do you use?

  • <HH--PHOTO--DEHYDRATOR--862945--HH>

    Question 7 of 10

    What's your take on cooking with dehydrators?

  • <HH--PHOTO--BLENDER--862923--HH>

    Question 8 of 10

    Is there a Vitamix on your kitchen counter?

  • <HH--PHOTO--MAT--862930--HH>

    Question 9 of 10

    How many silicone mats do you own?

  • <HH--PHOTO--SCALE--862750--HH>

    Question 10 of 10

    Do you have a digital scale?


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