11/15/2012 06:07 pm ET

'The Newsroom' Season 2: Aaron Sorkin Says David Petraeus Scandal Won't Be Covered

Great material it may be, but Aaron Sorkin says the David Petraeus sex scandal won't be covered in Season 2 of "The Newsroom."

"Frankly it's a story I would love to take on," Sorkin told Newsweek. "Unfortunately Season 2 of 'The Newsroom,' which began shooting this week, our timelines literally ends the day before the Petraeus story broke, and I can't include it. Otherwise, I would go there."

Petraeus officially stepped down from his position as director of the CIA on Friday after admitting he'd had an affair with his biographer Paula Brodwell.

Luckily, Petraeus' story won't likely go untouched by the entertainment industry. HuffPost Entertainment has already cast the inevitable Petraues movie.

Click through the slideshow below to find out who HuffPost's picks are.

David Petraeus Movie

Season 2 of "The Newsroom" will debut in 2013.


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