By Katie

I hope you’ve cleared out your schedule this weekend because you know the only plans worth having are going to be securing the best seat in the theater for "Breaking Dawn: Part 2"! Whether you’re a die-hard "Twilight" fan, or being dragged there by your friends, this movie premiere is sure to be a unique event with all kinds of people packing the aisles.

In order to prepare you, here’s a handy guide of the 8 people you’ll find at the "Breaking Dawn" showing this weekend.

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  • The Super-Fan AKA 'Twi-Hard'

    They read the books before everyone else knew about them and they manage their own site dedicated to Edward and Bella fanfiction. Naturally they ordered their tickets months in advance.

  • Girl With Her Mom

    Because the daughter needs a ride there, and the mother needs an excuse to watch the movie she was secretly dying to see.

  • Huge Group Of Teenagers

    They sneak in the back about five minutes after the movie's already started and annoy the back-row viewers with their incessant texting.

  • The Chatterbox

    Needs to repeat every single good line.

  • The Emotionally Invested

    "Bella, nooooo!" <big> <em><strong><a href="">Click here to read the rest of the story on</a></strong></em></big>