We Came As Romans Cover The Wanted: 'Glad You Came' Gets A Punk Makeover (VIDEO)

11/15/2012 01:15 pm ET

Original Song: The Wanted's chart-topper "Glad You Came"

Cover Artist: Punk band We Came As Romans

How It's Different: We Came As Romans takes out the synth from the original song and adds a megadose of screamo.

Why We Love It: The beat-driven, party vibe of the cover makes us want to rock out -- and so does the fun, summery video!

Better than the Original? The two songs have totally different feels. We like the high energy of the punk cover, but the dance-worthy track from The Wanted is still our fave.

Do you like the punk cover of "Glad You Came"? Or do you prefer the original? Tell us in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

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