Earlier this month, Honest Toddler made an eleventh-hour run for the presidency with a campaign that included vows to outlaw quinoa and to make Pop-Tarts an "anytime food." Though the tot didn't win (or, to be fair, even appear on the ballot), we appreciated his good intentions.

We also enjoyed the non-election-related things he said on Twitter over the past month, including his forward-thinking comments about the holidays. "Santa I'm tired of making excuses. Mind your business. I'll just get presents from Target," he said on October 19. Then seeming to rethink his earlier dismissal, he made the following request on November 12: "Santa when you go over yesterday's tapes, keep in mind how far I've come."

Click through the gallery below for other recent thoughts from Honest Toddler, including musings on tuna salad, bedtime hugs and fruit snacks.

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