11/16/2012 06:50 pm ET

San Francisco Thanksgiving Restaurants Offer Turkey Day Specials

There's nothing quite like Thanksgiving dinner. Gluttonously stuffing your face full of turkey until you're completely unable to walk is as American as an IV that pumps apple pie directly into your blood stream. (Also childhood obesity.)

But while most people seem pretty good to go on the eating half of the Thanksgiving equation, not everyone is quite so set on the cooking part.


Maybe turning on the oven triggers painful childhood memories of the time your parents neglected to get you the Easy Bake you oh-so-desperately wanted for your birthday, maybe you have a tendency to start fires when left alone in the kitchen or maybe you can't pick up a turkey baster without giggling uncontrollably.

Whatever the reason, if actually making food isn't an option this Thanksgiving, you have with two choices: mooch off your family members or get a restaurant to do the cooking for you. While we can't help you with the former option, we've got you covered on that last one.

Check out this slideshow of some of the best restaurants in San Francisco to go out for Thanksgiving. The best part? You don't have to help clean up!

San Francisco Thanksgiving Dinners