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Amazon Boycott Called For By UK Media, Politician

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An Amazon boycott in the UK is being called for by a national newspaper, while a former member of the British cabinet promises to "put away my Kindle" over the extremely low rates of sales tax paid by company.

"Research shows Amazon, the biggest online retailer, generated sales of £3.3 billion [$5.25 billion] in Britain last year alone, and paid no corporation tax... Amazon’s stock list is the envy of booksellers and accounts for one in four books sold here," wrote the Daily Mirror. "If you want to make sure a chunk of your cash goes to the government try [high-street retailer] W.H. Smith."

Last year, Californian shoppers boycotted Amazon until it gave in over sales tax payment in that state, while local bookstores protested against Amazon's Price Check app with a similar call. American Rights at Work, and Jobs with Justice calls for a boycott of Amazon and others on Cyber Monday following Thanksgiving, to protect the working conditions of American workers.

However, not all Amazon boycotts are alike. A writer on the conservative website RedState called for a boycott of Amazon following CEO Jeff Bezos's $2.5 million donation to the campaign to defend same-sex marriage in Washington state.

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