Oprah's Favorite Things 2012: 'AMAAAAAAZing' (VIDEO)

11/19/2012 05:44 pm 17:44:56 | Updated Nov 19, 2012

"Oprah's Favorite Things" special finally landed on Sunday, and it's amazing.

Or as she said about one of her picks, "aMAAAAZing." Oprah revived the former tradition for OWN this year and showered a group of deserving military spouses with her insane giveaways.

Her picks ran the gamut from peanut butter to elliptical machines and all-expense paid trips to Fiji. The pandemonium that ensued was what we've all come to know and love about "Favorite Things."

Maybe it's because she hasn't done the special in two years, but Oprah seemed even more excited than usual. She scoured Macy's, where she bellowed about the products, sang at customers and posed for pictures with some school-bound kids ("back to school hey hey yayyy," she said). Her response to a peanut butter spread was just one of many, many priceless reactions. Below, check out some of the clips from the show.


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