11/19/2012 12:56 pm ET

Thanksgiving Quiz Helps You Plan Your Menu


Organizing a Thanksgiving dinner that is both mindful of all of your guests' needs and feasible to whip up without devoting your entire week to peeling, baking and stewing can be a headache. If you're as busy as we are, you might not even have your menu planned yet. But don't fret! The New York Times has designed a quiz which they've dubbed "Thanksgiving-erator" to help you determine what to cook.

The quiz allows you to choose from 7 themes: Modernist, Colonialist, Nostalgist, Hedonist, Baconist (!), Extremist and Purist. You then can select a main course, stuffing, side dish, dessert and beverage.

The Thanksgiving-erator is as hilarious as it is helpful. The Hedonist theme pokes fun at its own truffle fixation ("I can drink truffles, too?" is a drink option), and the Nostalgist category jests, "Anything besides stuff turkey is heresy."

Once you've finally determined your holiday meal persona, the Thanksgiving-erator generates recipes, and voila! You have yourself a dinner plan that promises to be as tasty as it is thematically cohesive. The Modernist theme consists of Butternut Squash Cannoli and Carbonated Cranberries, while the Colonialist option includes Minced Pie of Beef and Plum Pudding and the Baconist menu features, well, bacon.

Check out the Thanksgiving-erator and let us know about your dinner plans in the comments!


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