The weather outside may be frightful -- but that's no obstacle to holiday-time fun with these gifts for little athletes.

Kids can practice soccer, basketball and more sports with a tricked-out indoor playset, try their hands at "Brave"-themed archery or curl up in an armchair while absorbing sports trivia and dreaming of sunnier days on the grown-up golf course.

There's something here for everyone -- rookies, old pros and fans parents too.

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  • Having a Ball 5-in-1 Sports Zone

    Why limit a future Hall of Famer's options? With this toy, the kid can practice basketball, baseball, golf, soccer and hockey. At <a href=""></a> for $49.99.

  • Boys’ UA Silence The Crowd Graphic T-Shirt

    This yellow tee should keep him looking and feeling cool. Plus, he'll be easy to spot on the court. At <a href=""></a> for $19.99.

  • "Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book of Why Sports Edition"

    This book will not only help you field rapid-fire questions from little sports fans, it will also give them a huge advantage at future trivia nights. At <a href=""></a> for $17.95.

  • Disney Pixar "Brave" Bow and Arrow

    Kids inspired by Merida can become experts at hitting the bull's-eye as well. Wild red hair not required. At <a href=""></a> for $17.99.

  • Maxfli Junior Red Series II Complete Set

    The putt-putt course is fun, but how many times can you really face off against that windmill? With this kid-friendly bag, the kids can start golfing with the grown-ups. At <a href=""></a> for $159.99.

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