This Thanksgiving, there's a lot to be thankful for, especially when it comes to good TV.

While everyone here at HuffPost TV is thankful for their loved ones and health, we're also giving thanks for shows like "Parenthood" and "American Horror Story." Without them, well, we'd be out of the job and pretty bored. Good TV is an escape, a chance to lose yourself in pure entertainment, forget your worries and be subjected to the drama and comedy of fictional characters.

Click through the gallery below to see which shows we're thankful for and please add your own in the comments!

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  • "Arrow"

    In a lackluster crop of new pilots, "Arrow" immediately stood out to me -- both because I'm a huge comic book nerd and because of the cinematic aesthetic -- and I'm pleased to report that the show has only grown stronger since the premiere. The mysteries are more compelling, the action continues to thrill, and star Stephen Amell has proven himself to be a bona fide leading man (his billboard-worthy abs don't hurt, either). Thanks for hitting the target, "Arrow." <em>-- Laura Prudom</em>

  • "Happy Endings"

    I spend almost every minute of every episode of "Happy Endings" with a silly grin on my face -- what's not to love about that? This comedy has evolved into a wonderful blend of surreal whimsy, razor-sharp hilarity, raunchy weirdness and sweet goofiness. I'm thankful to the cast and writers for making me forget everything unpleasant in the entire world when I'm watching this show. If ABC aired 10 episodes of this comedy per week, I would watch all of them. So, not to be greedy, get on that, ABC. <em>-- Maureen Ryan</em>

  • "Nashville"

    "Nashville" has been a sing-along-inducing bright spot in the otherwise iffy line-up of new fall shows. I love the soapy drama, but it's the music that's really hooked me. Connie Britton is the big draw for most, but it's the songs from Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and -- yes! -- even Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) that are in heavy rotation on my iPod. Yeehaw! <em> -- Maggie Furlong</em>

  • "American Horror Story"

    This show is an assault, albeit a good one, on every single sense. The characters are compelling, the storylines are ridiculous yet hopelessly addictive and it's like a mini-movie every single week. Any show that can combine nuns, an asylum, a psychotic doctor, a serial killer and aliens into a twisted harmony is aces in my book. <em>-- Chris Jancelewicz</em>

  • "30 Rock"

    I'm so thankful "30 Rock" is going out in style. It's the final season and Tina Fey and co. really stepped up their game in all departments, bringing the show back to a quality I thought was long gone. <em>-- Chris Harnick</em>

  • "Strike Back"

    Well <em>hellooo</em>, man candy! Not that I'm shallow, but ... OK, fine -- I'm shallow. I watch this show in large part because it stars two hot dudes as clandestine intelligence operatives who run around and shoot stuff and frequently commit acts of badassery. I could say that "Strike Back" is well-acted, takes place in interesting locations and is generally far more intelligent than you might expect a cable action-adventure series to be -- all that is definitely true. But what I'm truly grateful for is the sight of two attractive, sweaty men making things go boom. <em>Aw yeah. --Maureen Ryan </em>

  • "Supernatural"

    Yes, I'm thankful for two CW shows (three, if you count my well-documented love affair with "Nikita"), but "Supernatural" deserves a special mention for performing such a miraculous 180 under the stewardship of new showrunner Jeremy Carver. Although Seasons 6 and 7 had some strong episodes, they felt unfocused as a whole, while Season 8 seems to have reinvigorated the veteran drama with purpose and creativity. From the compelling Purgatory storyline to the repopulation of the Winchesters' world with intriguing new characters and returning favorites, "Supernatural" is back in black and I couldn't be happier. <em>-- Laura Prudom</em>

  • "Mad Men"

    Even though this list is all about Thanksgiving, the return of "Mad Men" felt a lot more like a gift on Christmas morning. After a contractual stalemate between AMC and LionsGate kept Don Draper & co. off the air for nearly two years, the Emmy-winning drama came back with a typically excellent Season 5 that reminded us all -- except for maybe Jaguar -- that it's one of the best shows on TV. <em>-- Alex Moaba</em>

  • "Parenthood"

    "Parenthood" has only gotten better with age and in my opinion, it's the most refreshingly human show on TV. Jabbar (Tyree Brown) has a smile that melts my heart, Amber's (Mae Whitman) tears leave me reaching for tissues and in this particularly emotional fourth season, Kristina's (Monica Potter) storyline breaks my heart. Though I thought there were some characters I could've done without, this season showcased redeeming qualities in all of the many, <em>many</em> Bravermans. Plus, Ray Romano is back in primetime -- and he's even better without a laugh track. I couldn't be more grateful for "Parenthood" and Jason Katims. <em>-- Jaimie Etkin</em>

  • "Girls"

    "Girls" has been a beacon of light in my 20-something New York City experience. I don't necessarily identify with any of the characters, but the show is a gentle (and seriously graphic) reminder that no one else has it figured out either. <em>-- Leigh Weingus</em>

  • "Breaking Bad"

    Thanksgiving is as good a time as any to appreciate the wholesome, family-friendly meth-dealing awesomeness that was the first half of "Breaking Bad's" final season. So what if we'll have to wait a whole other year for the final eight episodes? Let's be thankful that good things come to those who wait. <em>-- Alex Moaba</em>

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