Black Friday has become so ubiquitous a tradition -- like it or not -- that now it has its own holiday special. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live, we can finally learn the true meaning of the season... macing the ones you love for a cheap pair of shoes. Happy Holidays!

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  • Dying Man Ignored

    On Black Friday 2011, 61-year old Walter Vance collapsed while shopping at a Target store in West Virginia. According to witnesses, fellow shoppers ignored Vance, even stepping over his body while they continued to hunt for bargains. Vance, who suffered from a prior heart condition, later died in the hospital. <a href="">Read the whole story here.</a> <a href="">Photo Credit: YouTube</a>

  • Toys 'R' Us Terror

    When two woman got into a bloody brawl at a Toys R Us in Palm Desert, Calif. (not pictured) on Black Friday 2008, their husbands pulled out guns and began shooting at one another. Police say the incident started as a verbal argument between the women, and the fight turned physical when one started punching the other. One husband briefly drew his gun, but then put it back in his pocket. In response, the second man whipped out his own gun and aimed it at the first man, inciting a chase around the store that ended in both men's deaths. "I think the obvious question everyone has is: who takes loaded weapons into a Toys 'R' Us?" <a href="">Palm Desert Councilman Jim Ferguson told MSNBC.</a> Police say the argument was not over a toy.

  • Pepper Spray Panic

    On Black Friday 2011, one shopper at a Los Angeles Walmart whipped out a can of pepper spray and began spraying the crowd "in order to get an advantage" in getting a a discount Xbox. The suspect reportedly was able to pay for her purchases before fleeing the scene,<a href=""> according to CNN</a>, but later turned herself in to police. Ten people sustained minor injuries from the pepper spray, and 10 others suffered minor bruises and bumps from the resulting chaos. <a href="">Read the whole story here. </a>

  • Marine Mauling

    A U.S. Marine collecting Toys for Tots donations at a Best Buy in Augusta, Georgia was stabbed on Black Friday 2010. Cpl. Phillip Duggan, 24, told officials he was trying to stop 39-year-old Tracy Attaway (pictured) from stealing a laptop that he had hidden under his jacket, <a href="">according to the Augusta Chronicle. </a> When Duggan interfered, Attaway allegedly "started swinging a knife around" and stabbed the Marine. Duggan was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

  • Grandpa Gets Slammed

    Grandfather Jerald Newman, 54, was "emotionally and mentally a wreck" after a violent run-in with a police officer on Black Friday 2011. Newman was apprehended after allegedly slipping a video game under his shirt at Walmart in Maricopa County, Ariz.. Officials say he was trying to steal, though his grandson <a href="">told CNN affiliate KNXV</a> that Newman was just trying to prevent other shoppers from grabbing the game out of his hand. Police say Newman resisted arrest, but his grandson claims that his grandpa "was not resisting," when a police officer hooked him around the leg and "slammed him face first into the ground." Police submitted charges of shoplifting and resisting arrest, <a href="">according to the Phoenix New Times,</a> but the County Attorney's Office sent the case back for further investiation.

  • Trampling Tragedy

    In 2008, a Walmart worker in Valley Stream, N.Y. was trampled to death after a mob of frenzied shoppers broke through the store's glass doors at 4:55 a.m. in a mad attempt to get inside before the doors officially opened. <a href="">Jdimytai Damour, 34, was knocked onto the floor</a> and crush as the mob ran over him. When authorities shut the store down, announcing that an employee had been killed, some shoppers reportedly tried to keep shopping anyway, yelling that they had been there all night waiting, <a href="">the New York Times reported</a>.

  • Out Of Line

    A Wisconsin woman terrorized customers at a Madison Toys 'R' Us (not pictured) on Black Friday 2010, when she threatened to shoot shoppers who wouldn't let her cut in line. Though no actual gun was found, the woman was arrested and taken into custody on a tentative charge of disorderly conduct, <a href="">according to the Wisconsin State Journal. </a>

  • L'eggo My Eggo!

    A Walmart shopped filmed this<a href=""> crazed mob fighting over $2 wafflemakers</a> on Black Friday 2011 near Little Rock, Ark.