The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will roll through Manhattan Thursday morning, heralding the beginning of a day of eating, giving thanks and nursing Wednesday night's hangover with Bloody Marys. But, like anything, the parade has its pros and cons, and Jimmy Fallon is here to lay them out for us.

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  • 'Sgiving Comes But Once A Year

    Do they close on Chris'tmas as well?

  • 'Sexy' Turkey

    Suddenly we've lost our appetite.

  • A Retelling Of American History

    "Befriended" is probably what they were going for here.

  • Turkey Cupcake Surprise

    For some reason we just remembered that it's time to walk the dog.

  • Thanksgiving Has Been Postponed

    They just wanted it to be sunny on Thanksgiving, regardless of facts.

  • Nicole Westbrook's 'It's Thanksgiving!'

    In case you weren't just disappointed that this exists, <a href="">now she's been on Access Hollywood</a>.

  • Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving is Ruined

    Children are going to learn a lot more than just how to be thankful this year.

  • Mutant Turkey

    The things they did to turn these turkeys into hams would shock you.

  • Give Me A 'Brake'

    Perhaps it's good that kids get away from this school for a while.

  • Loud Thanksgiving Vest

    The legs hanging from the bottom really take this sweater over the edge.

  • Reporter Surrounded By Turkeys Freaks Out

    This response <a href="">seems totally normal</a>.

  • Turkey Shirt

    T is for "Thanks for this shirt, Grandma."

  • Explicit Turkey Cake

    The live turkey head on the cooked turkey body will never not be disturbing.

  • Cake Fail

    Not all ice cream cakes are appetizing.

  • Turkey Earrings

    Some people REALLY like turkey.

  • Deep-Fried Disaster

    The internet has taught us that it's probably a bad idea to deep fry a frozen turkey.

  • A New Kind Of Turducken

    We're thankful for this autocorrect.

  • Thanksgiving Day Parade Fail

    Mickey, no!


    Who would have thought that the marijuana graphic at the bottom wasn't the only mistake on this sign.

  • Turkey Hooker

    Unfortunately this is safer than the traditional way a turkey's body is sold for money. But either way you look at it, she's still getting stuffed.

  • Lip Sync Parade Fail

    He's the Milli Vanilli of Thanksgiving.

  • Very Special Thanksgiving Special

    Finally a way to entertain the relatives without awkward games of Pictionary.

  • Thanksgiving Oven Can't Take It Any More

    To think that science fiction writers have been coming up with stories about a robot takeover when here we are, in 2011, with sentient machines that can't even cook a Thanksgiving meal without crying for help.

  • Thanksgiving 101

    Sure, he or she is confused about more than a few things, but as far as accurately capturing the turkey's frame of mind goes, this kid is completely accurate.

  • Oreos It Is!

    Next time, leave the baking to the professionals.

  • TV Host Blows a Turkey Caller

    According to <a href="" target="_hplink">this site</a>, Thanksgiving is the least popular day for porn -- so maybe she's trying to do us a little favor.

  • Stuffed Turkey Hat

    Do NOT try this at home unless are the "Cool" uncle.

  • Thanksgiving Gumballs

    Keep these handy in case you need to wash the delicious taste of real Thanksgiving dinner out of your mouth.

  • Slightly Overdone

    Hey, there's always next year. Now where's that Chinese food menu?

  • Pilgrim Cocoon And Hat Set

    If you think babies are awkward in Puritan clothing, just imagine how adults look.

  • Turkey Cake: Turd Edition

    A surefire way to make sure Thanksgiving guests won't ruin their appetites by going for dessert first.

  • "Gobble Gobble" Diaper Covers

    Hope you saved your appetite!

  • Turkey Cake: Phallus Edition

    Sure this turkey's a little smaller than most, but remember, this is an ice cream cake.

  • Crochet Sexy Turkey Hat

    The most confusing thing here is that she piled on the eye makeup -- as if she wasn't sexy enough already! Guess we're missing something.

  • Foil Turkey

    If this is the best they could come up with for the cover then we don't even want to know what the rest of the decorations look like.

  • 'The First Thanksgiving'

    Surely this is one of the finest interpretations of the first Thanksgiving, in which the T-Rex is an allegory for the weird uncle who hits on his niece's friends.

  • Pilgrim Finger Puppets

    Try taking one Pilgrim Finger Puppet away to give your child an even bigger imagination.

  • News Reporter Attacked By A Turkey

    It's too bad that it's not humanly possible for people to put down news cameras --otherwise she could have gotten away much quicker. But it's pointless to think about these impossible things!

  • Thanksgiving Dinner Loaf

    It's sort of hard to tell whether this is an edible disaster or a stunning success -- you tell us.

  • WIN: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Gets RICK ROLLED

    Sometimes Macy's just GETS IT.