5 Ways To Fight For Humane Treatment Of Turkeys This Thanksgiving

11/21/2012 09:21 am ET | Updated Nov 21, 2012

Updated on Nov. 21, 2012 at 7:35 p.m.

President Obama pardoned two turkeys on Wednesday, but the leader of the free world isn’t the only one with the power to protect our feathered friends this Thanksgiving.

More than 46 million of the traditional holiday bird will be served on Thursday, according to the industry group National Turkey Federation, and no matter what you’ll be eating at your festive feast –- you can advocate for turkeys. Whether carnivore or vegan, you can make sure that, at the very least, these birds are treated humanely and get a chance to feel the grass against their feet.

Click through the slideshow below to learn five ways you can fight for turkeys this Thanksgiving.

5 Ways To Help Turkeys This Thanksgiving

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