With Miranda Cosgrove going on to pursue a higher education and Jennette McCurdy transitioning into a starring role on her own spin-off show, "Sam & Cat," the end of Nickelodeon favorite "iCarly" has officially arrived. The show's hour-long finale special, "iGoodbye," will air on Friday, November 23.

In honor of the show's series finale this Friday, we got to thinking about some of our all-time favorite "iCarly" guest appearances. As Jennette McCurdy once said of Jane Lynch's guest appearance as Sam's mother, "The guest stars... bump up the cool of 'iCarly' drastically." And we couldn't agree more. Click through the slideshow below for five of the most awesome "iCarly" cameos, from the FLOTUS to the boys of One Direction.

Will you miss "iCarly" now that it's ending? What was your favorite guest appearance? Tell us in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

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  • Emma Stone

    Emma Stone's totally crazed iCarly fan is undeniably one of greatest guest appearances on the show. The obsessive superfan crashes Carly's lunch and even chases Gibby down in the men's bathroom.

  • One Direction

    In the special episode 'iGo One Direction," the 1D boys stop by "iCarly" to make their American TV debut. Harry gets sick and Carly ends up having to nurse him back to health -- and hilarity ensues from there.

  • Michelle Obama

    When the FLOTUS stopped by the set of "iCarly" to guest-star in an episode, she not only <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/11/michelle-obama-icarly-miranda-cosgrove-nathan-kress_n_1198394.html">promoted</a> her message of supporting families with military parents, but she also showed off some mad dance skills. Watch the First Lady get down in the video clip.

  • Jimmy Fallon

    In "iShock America," comedian and TV host Jimmy Fallon appeared on a special where the gang flies to New York to be guests on his show. When Gibby's pants accidently fall off, Fall runs into trouble for allowing nudity on his show.

  • Jane Lynch

    When we heard that "Glee"'s Jane Lynch would be guest-starring on the show to play Jennette McCurdy's mom, we knew the comedienne would be able to hold her own against "iCarly"'s resident funnygirl. The interplay of the two is just as hilarious we could have imagined.