11/22/2012 10:55 am ET

Thanksgiving In The World Of Politics: Giving Thanks Where It's Probably Not Actually Due

Politics sometimes has a tendency to be more give than take. And not in that whole "makers vs. takers" Fox Newsy way, but in the way that often times when people put in a lot of passion, time and effort into a political cause or campaign, they get back empty promises, disappointment or, in some cases, nothing at all. But this Thanksgiving, just weeks after the end of an extremely long campaign season, many people again have cause for optimism and even gratitude. Even though politics should really somehow be thanking you, we're asking what you're thankful for in the world of politics this year. Below, we've collected our list, as well as some submissions from other HuffPost readers. Leave us yours in the comments sections below.

Today, We're Thankful For...


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