There's the walking from store to store, the stretching to reach the good stuff on the top shelf, maybe some heavy lifting once you're carrying all those bags -- it's tempting to consider your Black Friday shopping adventure actual exercise.

Before you go and skip your workout for the day, let's just say there are more efficient ways to fit in a sweat session. But that said, if you're planning to spend the day (or night... or both!) at the mall, it certainly can't hurt to try to make the experience a bit more active.

We've polled some of our favorite fitness experts and added our own suggestions for easy ways you can simply move more during Black Friday -- no dumbbells necessary.

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  • Wear Your Gym Sneakers

    "If you have comfortable training shoes on while you shop, you'll move quicker and burn more calories." <em>--<a href="">Matthew Basso</a>, President, Iron Lotus Personal Training</em>

  • Take Public Transportation

    Sure, it might be a little trickier if you're planning on hauling in some serious loot, or planning to hit up the earliest sales, but if you can swing it, take a bus or a subway on your Black Friday shopping spree. You'll sit less than if you drove!

  • Add Extra Weight

    "Already own wrist or ankle weights? Wear them under your power-shopping attire; you'll forget the weights are there and keep your muscles more actively engaged while getting that camera for 75 percent off." <em>--<a href="">Ben Greenfield</a>, Get-Fit Guy, Fitness and Triathlon expert</em>

  • Park The Car A Little Far

    Parking might be a workout all of its own at the busiest of spots, but if you can, choose a spot farthest away from the mall or store entrance. That way, you'll squeeze in a few extra steps in both directions.

  • Take The Stairs

    Here's a good reason to avoid the escalators and elevators: Just <a href="">two additional minutes of stair climbing every day</a> would burn enough calories to avoid the typical pound a year the average American gains, according to 2005 research.

  • Grab Heavy Items First

    "Try to do your 'heaviest' shopping first. If you're going to be picking up large items, grab them earlier in the day, so you've got to carry them around for a bit of extra energy expenditure." <em>--<a href="">John Romaniello</a>, Fitness Author and Strength Coach, Founder of Roman Fitness Systems</em>

  • Walk The Mall

    A number of people use the mall as their own personal <a href="">indoor track</a>. Put that mindset to good use on Black Friday buy fitting in a few brisk laps in between stops at stores. If you're with a shopping buddy who can save your place, take turns going for strolls while waiting on the longest lines.

  • Try On Clothes

    We've all been there -- after a few dozen pairs of jeans that don't look quite right, you're seriously tired!

  • Strength-Train While You Stand

    "Try bicep curling your bags or doing some mini heel raises -- stand with heels together and toes turned out and rise up to the balls of your feet than lower down -- while standing in check out lines." --<a href="">Kristin McGee</a>, Celebrity Yoga and Pilates Instructor

  • Carry Your Weight

    "Don't take the easy way out -- carry your bags! While shopping carts are more convenient, carrying your bags will give your legs, core and arms a workout." <em>-- <a href="">Stacy Berman</a>, creator of Stacy's Bootcamp and The Body Mind Project</em> Just be sure to <a href="">lift heavy objects safely</a>, so as not to strain your back! Split the heaviest loads with a shopping buddy if you have to.

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