11/24/2012 01:28 pm ET | Updated Nov 26, 2012

Best Cities For Startups (PHOTOS)


It's been a good couple of decades for startup companies.

Sure there was that pesky bubble burst in 2000, but judging from the continued success of startup companies, that business model isn't going anywhere. And cities around the world have taken notice.

California's Silicon Valley and the surrounding area may be ground zero (Apple, Google, Facebook...I mean, come on), but other cities across the globe are right on its coattails.

Using data from more than 50,000 startup companies around the world, Startup Genome, a data collection project, recently released a report detailing the world's startup hotspots--and a few of them might surprise you.

Check out the full report at Startup Genome, and see the world's top ten startup hotspots in our slideshow below:

Best Cities For Startups