(Warning: These notes include some NSFW language.)

Call it "analog trolling."

There's no denying that a perfectly crafted note to a neighbor steeped in passive aggression (and plain old aggression) is an art form, and it reminds us that people were anonymously jerks well before the Internet. Here are 31 such examples of neighbors passing along notes to remind their fellow man to stop having sex so loudly, pick up their dog's waste and other assorted annoyances.

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  • Just A Home Birth, NBD

    P.S. Please don't freak out.

  • Presumably German Neighbors

    This writer has no idea if his neighbors are German, but the flag seems to point in the affirmative.

  • Not-So-Threatening Letter

    A second letter?! Nooooo!!!

  • A Detailed Account

    Those little hallway run-ins are about to get a lot more awkward.

  • Ecstasy or.... MURDER!

    Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference on sound alone.

  • "Have A Nice Day"

    The smiley face at the end just makes it more aggressive.

  • "You'll See What Is Coming To You"

    This note will one day be called "Exhibit A."

  • Passive Aggressive Note, Songified

    Carly Rae Jepsen would be proud.

  • Wash Wars

    Something tells us there's going to be a fight in 301 later.

  • Just Telling It Like It Is

    To be fair, maybe he should invest in some headphones.

  • TP Crime

    Hell hath no fury like a rightful toilet paper owner scorned.

  • Because Freedom

    You only get to write, "Now who's the terrorist?" on so many notes in your life.

  • One Angry Elementary Student

    Based on "Dear neibors," we really want this girl to be able to get to school well-rested.

  • That Escalated Quickly

    This writer is clearly hanging on by a string.

  • 'Maybe I am An Ass...'

    We're guessing this guy doesn't get a lot of party invites.

  • So Bubbly It Hurts

    The little hearts just add insult to injury.

  • Best Use Of The Word "Whom"

    They should officially change the word "pound" to "kitty jail."

  • Just Get To The Point Already!

    It's not their fault that all the best TV and radio shows start at 5:30 a.m.

  • No Good Deed

    We really don't understand the scenario that would lead to this note.

  • Lawn Troubles

    People just throw around the L word now, amirite?

  • Stop Stealing Other People's Newspapers

    Oh burn on that Post joke.

  • Scooter Thief

    What would be left of a scooter (or two, fine) that had $1000 worth of parts stripped of it? Also, why didn't this guy just take the whole scooters?

  • Furniture Problems

    The stationary makes this note really pleasant.

  • Definite Lawsuit Material

    For the full story (note: not worth it) go <a href="http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com/2009/07/20/get-your-nozzle-off-my-hose/">here</a>.

  • Meme Note

    Throw away your trash, guys, your neighbor is hilarious.

  • Our Favorite Person

    Is this the start of a wonderful love story?

  • Creative Anger

    Beautiful poetry.

  • Note On The Door

    The bottom of a door on a post-it is clearly the best place to be aggressive.

  • Coming Together

    This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  • Parking Enforcement

    Terri is going to park where she wants to park, thank you very much!

  • Newspaper Wars

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