Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the trendiest baby name of all time... literally. It appears as though a mom has named her baby girl Hashtag -- and announced her arrival on Facebook.

We can't be sure whether the screenshot below is an official birth announcement, a joke or a very unfortunate typo. But considering the most bizarre baby names we've heard before -- including Facebook, and Moon Unit -- Hashtag showing up on a birth certificate is not outside the realm of possibility. posted this photo of baby Hashtag (with mom's name hidden):

hashtag baby name

Putting spelling errors aside, we have just a few questions for mama Jameson:

1. Will the baby's nickname be Hash or Tag? Or just #?

2. When you ask a question, will you require your child to reply to you "@mom"?

3. Do you expect your child to finish all of your sentences?

4. Will she only be able to speak in 140-character phrases?

5. Will you insist that Hashtag becomes the trendiest kid in school?

6. If you love Twitter so much, why did you post this announcement on Facebook?

That's all for now. Please tweet @HuffPostParents with your answers. #Hashtag #confusing.

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