'Life-Size' 2 And More Disney TV Movies That Should Get Sequels

11/27/2012 07:34 pm ET

Disney recently revealed that its 2000 TV movie, "Life-Size" -- starring Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan -- will see new life with a sequel.

But of Disney's many made-for-TV movies, we can think of several more '90s and early 2000s films that should see the light of day again.

From the "Zenon" franchise to one of Katherine Heigl's earliest movies and something featuring "Saturday Night Live" star Taran Killam playing a pop star (complete with highlights in his hair), check out the slideshow below to see 10 Disney TV movies that should take a cue from "Life-Size" and make a comeback.

Disney TV Movies That Deserve Sequels

Tell us: Are there any other Disney made-for-TV movies you'd like to see get the sequel treatment?

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