Pinterest may be the reigning online destination for things like wedding dress inspo or crafty ways to repurpose a Mason jar, but just because something looks beautiful in a photo doesn't mean it's easy to pull off in real life.

Just take a look at these 23 examples of Pinterest recipes gone awry and you'll see what we mean.

When you're a mere mortal, not everything can be delicious-looking and bokeh-framed.

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  • Cookie Monster Cupcake Snafu

  • Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Square Devastation

    The horror! The horror!

  • Apple Pie Accident

  • Marshmallow Roll Madness


  • Pumpkin Roll Calamity

  • Bigger Than Expected Blueberry Yogurt Bites

  • Cookie Dough Bowl, Never A Good Idea

  • Extra-Breakable Chocolate Cover Strawberry Bites

    Still edible.

  • Rainbow Jello Blunder

  • Boo Berries Berry Scary

    They still look like ghosts... so plus.

  • Minion Cake Mistake

    First mistake: two eyes.

  • Cinnamon Roll Casualty

    How do you mess up cinnamon rolls?

  • Barely Edible Candy Bowl

    Overall, what is this nonsense?

  • Peppermint Covered Pretzels

    Seriously, did an artist make the original ones?

  • Layered Cake Mistake

    Balance is an artform.

  • Fried Cheese Ball Misstep

    Extra ingredient needed: a heavy duty fork for scraping.

  • Lamb Cupcake Estimation

    People see different things when they look at lambs.

  • Nutella Mug Cake Avalanche

    Quick note: Next time use less whipped cream.

  • S'More Cookie S'Mess

    It's all going the same place, anyways- Every uncle everywhere.

  • Sweet Potatoes Mush

    Guys, cooking is hard.

  • Pathetic Pretzels

    The cheese dip could really solve this problem.

  • Witch Finger Cookies

    Giving new meaning to the term "finger food" and "disgusting."

  • Thumbprint Cookies

    Well, someone's thumbprint.

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  • No Thanks

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  • How?

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  • Need Heavyset Consumers

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  • That's What She Said?

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  • Oh My

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  • And Again

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  • Welcome Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders

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  • D'oh!

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  • Wait, What?

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  • "We Do Got Fish"

    Next to this, BK's "We Have Burgers" sign deserves an award.

  • "Try Our 3 5 7 Layernacho"

    It costs 1 4 9 dollars.

  • Parking For Drive-Thru


  • Weak Sweat $$ Convulses Wretched Bogey Man

    We had no idea Wendy's was into poetry.

  • Special?

    By special they meant, "not different at all." (<a href="" target="_hplink">via Funny Junk</a>)

  • Sending Mixed Signals

    Looks like McDonalds & You are in an abusive relationship. (<a href="" target="_hplink">via Reddit</a>)

  • Surprise Surprise

    OMG you guys, we're open. So come in, or whatever. (<a href="" target="_hplink">via Reddit</a>)

  • Dream Big

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    As if it weren't confusing enough to decide between KFC and Taco Bell...

  • Tacos Is Brain Food

    This may require some additional information for verification.

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