Maria Susana Flores Gamez And Other Beauties Seduced By Narcos (PHOTOS)

11/29/2012 05:21 pm ET
Narco Beauties

Enormous wealth, mansions, luxury vehicles, endless spa sessions and a closet filled with exclusive brands are enough for some women to become attracted to powerful men -- even to the most dangerous drug lords. Beauty queens, actresses and models have all been seduced by narcos and led into the underworld.

The most recent case was Maria Susana Flores Gámez, Miss Sinaloa 2012, who died in her home state when the Mexican military responded an armed attack by suspected criminals. Flores Gámez was 22 years old and a student of communications.

Another example is the Colombian model Juliana Sossa Toro, who was arrested along with Jose Jorge Balderas, alias "JJ." The list also includes Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 2008 Laura Elena Zúñiga Huizar and actresses like Alicia Machado, Alerth Terán and Silvia “La Chiva” Irabién, linked to capos José Gerardo "El Indio" Alvarez, Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez Villarreal, and others.

Take a look at some of the beauties bedazzled by the narco lifestyle in the slideshow above.

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