11/29/2012 10:42 am ET

Hilary Duff, Baby Boy Luca Go To Class In California (PHOTO)

Could they get any cuter? Doting mom Hilary Duff schlepped 8-month-old baby boy Luca to a Babies First Class Wednesday in California. The former Disney star makes new motherhood look exceptionally easy at age 25, though she is the first to admit that she has struggled with pressure to immediately lose her baby weight.

“There are some women who look the same right after -- I think they are freaks of nature! I don't know how that happens,” she told Parents magazine in October. “I'm not one of those people. It takes your body nine months to get there -- really 10 months. So I'm trying to be patient but I'm working hard. And I think now more than ever, I appreciate my body and what it's done for me.”

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