The day "30 Rock" fans have been waiting for is finally here: Liz Lemon is tying the knot!

You've seen Liz and fiancé Criss Chros' wedding invitation and announcement and you've got your night cheese all ready to snack on during Thursday night's episode. All that's left is to reminisce about Liz and Criss' journey to the altar.

Watch the happy couple's best moments in the slideshow below.

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  • Popping The Question

    In this sneak peak of tonight's Lemon-Chros wedding episode, Criss and Liz talk themselves into getting married. After all, Liz does ignore it when Criss bites his Popsicles with his teeth.

  • Jack Wants To Meet Criss

    Liz's boss/mentor, Jack, always insisted on approving (or disapproving) of Liz's boyfriends. Afraid that Jack would disapprove of Criss, Liz tried to prevent them from meeting (and Criss landed the perfect "that's what she said" joke).

  • Saint Patrick's Day

    Liz was forced to confront her inability to say "I love you" to Criss when her ex-boyfriend, Dennis, showed up on Saint Patrick's Day.

  • Liz and Criss At The Office Supply Store

    Struggling to get "in the mood" while trying to get pregnant with Criss, Liz discovered the one thing that turns her on: being organized. Cue sexy montage at the office supply store, backed by Tracy's vocals, of course.

  • Liz And Criss Discuss Gender Roles

    Liz and Criss were forced to confront their non-traditional gender roles when they began discussing having a "plant" (their code name for "baby"). Memo to Liz: the "Crisspoints" system may not be working.

  • Liz Is Woken Up By A Kiss

    Liz thinks Criss wakes her up with a kiss every morning, but it turns out that's not exactly true.

  • Criss Sings To Liz

    Criss tries to sing Liz a love song, but her reaction is... not ideal.

  • Mushy Montage

    Watch all of the happy couple's best moments in this mushy montage.

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