Sure, you watched the Kim Kardashian wedding special and pored over every detail of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's nuptials. But how well do you really know your celebrity weddings?

Take the quiz below to see if you'd get an A in Hollywood Weddings 101. Do you know the all the crazy, sweet and downright tacky details of your favorite stars' Big Day?

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  • QUESTION: Whose pre-nup reportedly stated that the bride would receive $3 million per year of marriage, or half of her husband's fortune after 11 years of marriage, in the event of a divorce?

    A. Halle Berry B. Nicole Kidman C. Denise Richards D. Katie Holmes

  • ANSWER: Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes was a reportedly shrewd businesswoman when it came to her and Tom Cruise's pre-nup. The two <a href="">divorced in June</a> after five years of marriage, meaning Holmes could have made off with $15 million, according to the agreement. However, <a href="">new reports</a> suggest Holmes will receive $400,00 per year in child support until daughter Suri turns 18, and no spousal support.

  • QUESTION: Which of these superstars wore jeans to his wedding?

    A. Ryan Reynolds B. Tom Hanks C. Blake Shelton D. Nick Lachey

  • ANSWER: Blake Shelton

    Country crooner Blake Shelton wore a suit jacket, vest, tie, Wrangler jeans and boots to his <a href="">wedding to Miranda Lambert</a> in 2011. Lambert country-fied her wedding look, too -- she wore cowboy boots with her dress!

  • QUESTION: What color was Sarah Jessica Parker's wedding dress?

    A. White B. Pink C. Black D. Blue

  • ANSWER: Black

    Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed that she <a href="">regrets</a> wearing a <a href="">black dress</a> at her 1997 wedding to Matthew Broderick. She said if she and Broderick ever renewed their vows, "I’d wear a beautiful, proper wedding dress, like I should have worn that day."

  • QUESTION: In whose wedding was Michael Jackson the best man and Elizabeth Taylor the maid of honor?

    A. Brooke Shields B. Lisa Marie Presley C. Mia Farrow D. Liza Minelli

  • ANSWER: Liza Minnelli

    In addition to Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli and David Gest's <a href="">wedding party</a> included Robert Wagner, Janet Leigh, Mia Farrow and Chaka Khan. The two <a href=",2933,100815,00.html">separated in 2003</a> after 16 months of marriage.

  • QUESTION: What animal watched over Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden's wedding ceremony?

    A. Elephant B. Tiger C. Giraffe D. Lion

  • ANSWER: Elephant

    The reason an elephant was invited to Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden's 2010 wedding (held at Ritchie's dad Lionel Ritchie's Beverly Hills home)? The animals are good luck, Ritchie <a href="">explained in an interview</a> before the wedding.

  • QUESTION: Who was advised to eat well before her wedding, so she'd be strong enough to wear her wedding dress (made of 300 feet of satin)?

    A. Princess Diana B. Elizabeth Taylor C. Melania Knauss D. Kim Kardashian

  • ANSWER: Melania Knauss

    Melania Knauss' <a href="$100000-on-her-wedding-dress">$100,000 Christian Dior</a> gown, worn at her wedding to Donald Trump in 2005, was made of 300 feet of satin and embroidered with 1,500 crystal rhinestones and pearls. It is one of the most expensive wedding dresses ever made.

  • QUESTION: Who received free invitations, bridesmaids' dresses and honeymoon airfare, in exchange for publicly "plugging" the products?

    A. Jennifer Aniston B. Star Jones C. Hugh Hefner D. Kate Middleton

  • ANSWER: Star Jones

    Jones drew intense criticism for her <a href="">"sponsored"</a> wedding in 2004, which she discussed on "The View" in exchange for free products. She and hubby Al Reynolds <a href="">divorced</a> in 2008.

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