11/30/2012 08:14 am ET

Dick Van Dyke Says He Feels Like Justin Bieber On 'Conan' (VIDEO)

Dick Van Dyke is a television legend, and one of Conan O'Brien's idols as well. It was pretty clear how much O'Brien admired Van Dyke when he was a guest on "Conan." But it wasn't just O'Brien that was excited to see the venerable star.

After receiving a very warm reception from the audience, Van Dyke said, "Boy, I feel like Justin Bieber!"

"I think of few people who inspired me," O'Brien told him. "I really think, there was so much, of, of you, that I stole."

It was an odd compliment, but Van Dyke seemed charmed by it. "Wonderful!" he exclaimed simply. At least O'Brien doesn't have an ottoman near the entrance to the stage that he trips over to open every show. That might make it a little too obvious.

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