11/30/2012 11:33 am ET | Updated Nov 30, 2012

Jay Leno Mocks 'Germaphobe' Matt Lauer (VIDEO)

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A Jay Leno bit about Matt Lauer had the hosts of "Today" in stitches on Thursday morning.

Al Roker recently came down with a bad case of laryngitis. When he mentioned it on-air this week, Lauer — whose fastidious use of Purell is well-known — jokingly moved away from Roker.

"I think Matt's a bit of a germaphobe," Leno joked on Wednesday. "Matt seemed a little paranoid that he was gonna catch something from Al." He proceeded to play a clip of a fake Lauer immediately taking off his shirt and scrubbing himself with Purell and a loofah.

Lauer and his co-hosts cracked up over the video on Thursday. "Jay Leno, I can't un-see that, ugh," Savannah Guthrie joked.


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