11/30/2012 02:25 pm ET

Moonshine Marshmallows, The Blue Bottle Way

Clay McLachlan/Food52

Blue Bottle is the coffee company that my husband, James Freeman, founded in 2002. We met shortly after he started the business as neighbors at the Berkeley Farmer's market; I was a baker with a young business, Miette Patisserie, and side-by-side we sold cakes and coffee at the market every Saturday. In 2008 I sold my portion of Miette and James asked me to start a small bakery within Blue Bottle, making coffee cakes and cookies for his West Coast shops. In 2010 we had the opportunity to build a roastery and cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and I was tasked with how to bring the pastries that had become such a part of the West Coast Blue Bottle experience to the East Coast.

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