12/01/2012 03:54 pm ET

Alabama vs. Georgia LIVE UPDATES: 2012 SEC Championship Game


For the last six years, the BCS national champion has come from the Southeastern Conference. Five of those national champs won the SEC Championship game first.

The 2012 SEC Championship Game features two teams with national title aspirations: The defending BCS champion No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide will take on the No. 3 Georgia Bulldogs at the Georgia Dome. With Notre Dame waiting for the winner, the SEC title tilt is a de facto national semifinal.

That's the good news for these teams. The bad news? The loser could very well miss out on a BCS bowl all together..

While both teams are 11-1, Georgia has all of the momentum winning its last four games. But Alabama has the experience, and the defense which happens to be ranked No. 1 in the nation. The last time these two teams played, Alabama came out on top 41-30 in 2008. Since then, Nick Saban's squad has won one conference championship and two national titles.

Will Georgia be able to overcome Alabama's defense and advance to the national championship game? Or will Nick Saban win his fourth SEC championship and earn a chance to win his fourth national title?

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12/01/2012 7:56 PM EST

@ Miller_Dave :

Not a single player thinks to drop that pass purposely by the way.

12/01/2012 7:56 PM EST

@ UKcoachbrooks :

Two really good teams but Alabama's O line took charge of the game. Play action for TD. Geo had a chance but could not finish. Great game!

12/01/2012 7:55 PM EST

@ Andy_Staples :

Ouch. You can't catch that ball, but hard to think of that in the moment.

12/01/2012 7:55 PM EST

If Chris Conley doesn't catch that it falls incomplete and Georgia would have one more play..

12/01/2012 7:54 PM EST


With 15 seconds left, Murray looks for the end zone, but the ball is tipped at the line and another Georgia receiver catches it and gets tackled inside the 5. Clock runs out. GAME OVER. ALABAMA WINS THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP.

12/01/2012 7:53 PM EST

1st and 10

Murray steps into a throw and hits Lynch down the field inside the 10.

12/01/2012 7:53 PM EST

1st and 10

Murray launches a deep pass to Tavarres King who gets clobbered and still holds on to the ball. 30 seconds to go. Georgia has it o ALABAMA's 34.

12/01/2012 7:52 PM EST

2nd and 10

Murray hits Lynch again on the right side and he picks up the first down and gets out of bounds. Ball at the 42.

12/01/2012 7:51 PM EST

45 seconds left.

12/01/2012 7:51 PM EST


Ruling on the field is an INCOMPLETE PASS. Georgia gets the ball. 2nd and 10 at their own 28.