12/02/2012 08:45 pm ET | Updated Dec 03, 2012

AlertDC Sprinkles Advisory Warns Of 'Very Light' Precipitation, Damp Ground

WASHINGTON -- AlertDC, the District of Columbia government's system to dispatch weather, traffic, crime and other emergency advisories via text messages and email, can often relay very helpful and timely information to the public "during a major crisis or emergency."

But then there are some head-scratching AlertDC advisories that prompt the question: Was that really necessary?

Sunday evening, an AlertDC advisory was sent out about light rain.

If you click through to the full message, it reads:

National Weather Service reports through 7 PM a few areas of sprinkles or patchy light rain will affect DC and surrounding jurisdictions. Precipitation accumulation if any will be very light perhaps enough to dampen the ground.

This prompted a few responses from AlertDC subscribers.


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