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Leighton Meester Is A Style Icon, All Thanks To This Guy (PHOTOS)

We sat down with Logan Horne to hear his unlikely story about growing up in small-town Florida, styling Leighton Meester, meeting Gwyneth Paltrow and Mr. Valentino and, of course, flying to Bali with Katy Perry.

"I grew up in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, outside of Jacksonville. The only thing the town is known for is being PGA headquarters. My parents are from humble backgrounds: My dad grew up with nothing and my mom was a hairdresser, originally from Wisconsin. My first foray into style was when I was still a teenager -- I started buying for a 100-year-old family boutique called Rosenblum's. I'd accompany my dad to the store for his Brioni and Zegna suits, and when I heard they were looking for help on nights and weekends, I jumped at the chance. Since I was so young and inexperienced, I'd help gift wrapping, but before long, I started to get to know the clients, who loved my opinion. I'd pre-select clothes for the clients and have it waiting for them in the fitting room when they'd arrive. Soon these pilates moms would only shop on the days I was there and I had my first client base before graduating high school.

I also had a secret weapon: I'd go to L.A. with my dad on his business trips and see what the celebrities were wearing. It was 2003, and I'd go to Kitson and see what Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie were wearing and then I'd bring those trends back to Florida. This was when Juicy Couture was hot. We started ordering them for the store and the demand was so crazy that I wouldn't be able to get the Juicy tracksuits out of the boxes before they sold.

All of this exposure cemented my desire to get out of Florida. I decided to move to L.A. Within a week, I was hired as a sales associate at the Miu Miu boutique on Melrose Avenue. This was a miracle, since I went to the interview with dreadlocks, bell-bottom jeans and an Alexander McQueen scarf tied around my head, pirate-style. I started to really see the power of celebrity, as well as their stylists' influence on fashion: Rachel Zoe, Jessica Paster and Arianne Phillips would come to the store on a regular basis to borrow clothes for their clients. I thought to myself, 'I should do that.'

I'll never forget the first time Lindsay Lohan came in. She was a whirlwind -- she spent $30,000 in 15 minutes. We had to keep the store open late for her, but I was thrilled -- I was on commission!

I also met Katy Perry around this time. My first group of friends were kids from Santa Barbara (where she is also from) and she came bouncing up to me at a party and we hit it off as fast friends. We've been through it all together: She was dropped by two record labels; her wedding, the California Dreams tour and her movie "Part of Me." We are a family of friends who are always there for one another, so naturally, when she travels, we accompany her.

After a quick stint in fashion school at FIDM, I decided it was time to move to New York. I have always loved Olivier Theyskens and it was a dream of mine to work with him at Nina Ricci. After a slew of emails, I landed an internship in the New York atelier. At the same time I became friends with the cast of 'Gossip Girl.' We were all 21, we had all decamped from L.A. to New York so we formed strong bonds. Leighton Meester and I became good friends, and I began to send her dresses from Nina Ricci to wear on the red carpet. That was my breakout moment; it was a pivotal point in both of our careers. Leighton was very open to fashion, and trusted my adventurous instincts. Rather than dress her like a typical 'celebrity' in a floor-length red carpet gown, we took chances together and developed her look as if we were dressing for a magazine shoot. Her fashion-forward style turned heads in the industry and she instantly became an 'It' girl."

These days, Logan works with an impressive roster of clients: Karolina Kurkova, Jessica Stam, Candice Swanepoel, Paula Patton, Hayden Panettiere, Jessica Szohr and Minka Kelly are just a few, while also consulting for magazines like Vanity Fair. Want to know more about how to become a fashion stylist? You're in luck because he'll be blogging for us. Until then, check out some of his most famous work in the slideshow, and look closely for him in the Katy Perry video below (he's in the white hat).

One Man's Journey In The Fashion Industry
One Man's Journey In The Fashion Industry

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