12/03/2012 07:43 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

Lucas Marty, Monticello High School Guard, Shoots Discus-Style Buzzer-Beater From Opposite End Of Court (VIDEO)

Somebody give this kid a car.

In a Wisconsin high school basketball game, Monticello guard Lucas Marty made a buzzer-beater that would make any halftime contest participant proud. The junior rebounded a missed mid-range jumper in the middle of the paint before hurling the ball, discus-style, into the basket at the other end of the court.

The shot was reminiscent of Blake Griffin's 3/4-length lob during a Clippers scrimmage back in October, though Marty's is made all-the-more impressive by his no-look, sidearmed release.

As Diehard Sports points out, this play warrants inclusion in SportsCenter's Top 10. Marty might have a pretty good shot at making the list, especially since ESPN tweeted the video on Monday.