12/04/2012 04:46 pm ET

Amanda Marsh, Perry Buesking Abandon Children; Mom Claims They Aren't Hers: Cops

A Florida mother is accused of abandoning her children, then denying that she even has children.

Amanda Marsh, 28, and boyfriend Perry Buesking, 44, were both arrested at around midnight on Saturday in West Palm Beach, WPBF reports.

The couple had previously become so intoxicated at a restaurant that they had been asked to leave. About half an hour later, Marsh's two sons, ages 7 and 10, wandered into the restaurant, walked up to the bartender and asked where their mom was, according to a police affidavit obtained by CBS 12.

A restaurant employee was able to locate Marsh and Buesking in a nearby parking garage.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the employee asked Marsh if she had two kids, and she allegedly replied "no." When the employee stated the names of the two boys and asked if they were hers, Marsh allegedly still claimed they weren't.

The employee says that Buesking interrupted to say "yes, they are ours," but Marsh continued to deny it, according to a police affidavit.

Officers who arrived at the scene says that Marsh refused to speak, other than yelling obscenities, then tried to kick one of them. Buesking also allegedly cursed at the officers.

Both were arrested on charges of neglecting a child without great bodily harm, disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer.

The boys told officers that the couple removed them from school in October, and they have been on a "road trip," living in motels or a van since then. Officers also say the kids said that Buesking frequently hits their mom.

The children have been placed in protective custody.

Questionable Parenting
Questionable Parenting