12/04/2012 12:55 pm ET

Email Boundaries At The Workplace: 'Even Government Agencies Are XOing!'

E-mail's importance to our personal lives is comparable to its importance in our professional lives. How should the two mix? Is using "xo" at the end of emails in workplace correspondence a uniquely female phenomenon? In a discussion Monday at HuffPost Live, Jessica Bennett, writer at Tumblr, told host Alicia Mendenez that "even government agencies are XOing!"

However, does signing emails with hugs and kisses undermine a woman's professionalism?

"To me it's a signal of being under the 30 range versus all of us over 40," Jocelyn Greenky, author of "A Girl's Guide To Office Politics" said. "That would never happen. I have never ever sent a message to a colleague or a boss, ever, with an XOXO underneath, and to me that just really identifies a lack of professionalism."

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