12/04/2012 06:03 pm ET

Eric Cantor Promoted Tweet: House Majority Leader Appears Alongside Search For Elizabeth Warren

If you were to search for Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Twitter Tuesday, you would have seen a tweet for someone who doesn't agree much with her: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.).

Cantor's House leadership office has taken out a promoted tweet. Twitter advertising became ubiquitous during the 2012 campaign, but official offices, agencies and the White House have done little to no Twitter advertising so far.

eric cantor promoted tweet

A Cantor spokesman said that where the majority leader's tweets appear depends on what's being buzzed about at the time.

"Our promoted tweets appear in searches related to either party, based on timely government/political themes and user engagement," the spokesman told HuffPost in an email. "Those can and do appear when searching people and topics related to either party, helping us to spread our message of fiscal discipline and growing jobs."

Around the time the promoted tweet appeared opposite searches for Warren on Tuesday, HuffPost's Ryan Grim had broken the news that the senator-elect would serve on the Senate Banking Committee. Indeed, the story appeared in the "top news" position when searching for Warren.

In recent days, it has appeared that Twitter advertising has arrived in official Washington. As the White House was pushing the hashtag #My2K as a way to promote President Barack Obama's middle-class tax cut, the conservative Heritage Foundation purchased #My2K as a trending topic. Trending topics take the top spot in the trends list, and the White House took it in jest, with communications director Dan Pfeiffer tweeting:

By Tuesday afternoon, the Cantor tweet was no long appearing in searches for Warren.


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Women In The U.S. Senate