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Matt Damon Makes Awkward 'Tossing Salad' Joke On 'Today' (VIDEO)

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Matt Damon made things a tad awkward on Tuesday's "Today" show when he made a dirty joke in response to a question asked by Matt Lauer.

During a segment about navigating awkward social moments during the holiday season, Damon offered his two cents on various situations. Lauer read a situation submitted by a boyfriend who wrote that he dislikes how his girlfriend "tosses salad with her hands without washing them and tastes everything with her fingers."

"That's not what they taught me about tossing salad," Damon said through his laughs. The set erupted in laughter as Lauer dutifully pressed on with the segment, asking the actor what the boyfriend should do.

The moment comes at the end of the segment above, which is roughly 5 minutes into the video.

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