12/04/2012 03:46 pm ET

Michigan Science Center To Open This December

After changing its name and being closed for over a year, the former Detroit Science Center has finally set a date for its reopening. The museum, which is now called the Michigan Science Center, will open its doors again on Dec. 26, CBS Detroit reports.

“What we’re trying to do is to open the science center to the public on December 26 and then keep it open all through the holidays until January 6, with the exception of New Years Day," said MSC Chairman of the Board Tom Stephens. "We’re also going to stay open to the public for the weekends and then starting at the end of January, it’s going to be open five days a week and sustainable going forward.”

News of the museum's opening follows the announcement Monday of a $300,000 grant from the Toyota Technical Center, Crain's Detroit reports. Some of those funds will be used to reopen the Toyota Engineering Theater, which will feature videos highlighting the lives and influence of engineers.

The museum closed its doors last September after accruing a $5.8 million debt caused in part by a failed side venture in a Ferndale shop called Design & Exhibits and low returns on a show featuring Mexican mummies.

Facing closure, the institution was saved through the intervention of Ron Weiser, an Ann Arbor businessman and former Republican National Committee Finance Chairman. He bought the Detroit Science Center’s land, building and contents from mortgage holder Citizen's Bank this summer. At that time he indicated his intention to sell the holdings back to the center's newly reconstituted board of directors at a price significantly lower than the amount the institution owed to the bank.

The Science center is currently taking applications for a number of positions including sales, education and outreach. For more information visit the Michigan Science Center website.


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