12/06/2012 10:40 am ET

Fran Tarkenton Endorses Johnny Manziel For Heisman Trophy

No freshman has ever won the Heisman Trophy. But if it were up to Hall of Fame quarterback Frank Tarkenton, that should change this Saturday night when the Heisman Trust announces the 78th winner of the trophy.

Tarkenton went on Huff Post Live on Wednesday to join the debate on who should win the Heisman Trophy and endorsed freshman Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. To Tarkenton, age shouldn't be a factor in voting.

"I think if you're eligible to be a football player in the NCAA then that speaks for itself," he said. "This trophy has been given to be people who are eligible for that and play the best football for that particular year. I don't care whether they're freshman, seniors or what."

When it comes the Heisman candidate out of Notre Dame, linebacker Manti Te'o, the former Vikings QB acknowledged that he has played well but argued that he wasn't even the best player at his position this year. That title would go to someone from his alma mater.

"I'll tell you there's a linebacker the University of Georgia, my alma mater, Jarvis Jones. He's going to be the No. 1 linebacker picked in the NFL [Draft]," he said. "Also, Jarvis Jones does something that's the most important thing on defense. He causes fumbles. He has sacks and he returns them for touchdowns."

Tarkenton went on to praise Manziel even more later on, noting that Johnny Football dominated while playing in the best conference that has won the last six national championships.