12/06/2012 03:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2012

Ed Sheeran On Katie Show: British Singer Answers Fan's Questions (VIDEO)

When the Katie Show announced that Ed Sheeran would be making an appearance to answer fans' questions, hundreds of Sheerios wrote in with their most pressing inquiries, which Ed answered as part of Katie Couric's "Social Wall" special.

One fan wrote via Twitter to say it was a shame that Ed didn't keep"Little Things," which became a hit single for his friends in boy band One Direction, and asked why he gave the gave the song away.

"I lost it and found it again way after my album had been done," said Sheeran. "So it wasn't going to go on my record and it probably wasn't going to go on my second record since I wrote it quite a long time ago. I'm all about sharing the wealth and just getting the song out there... I really like those lads and they sing it well."

He also commented on how he feels about it when fans get tattoos in his honor.

"When its my face or my signature, kind of weird with that," Sheeran confessed. "But when it's something related to a a song or how a song has affected someone -- I have Bon Iver lyrics that he wrote down tattooed on me so I can't really be that guy to say no -- but I think if a song's affected you or affected your life in a certain way, it doesn't matter whose song it is, if you want to get a tattoo then get a tattoo."

Check out the videos above and below to see Ed answer more of his fans' question -- and try his hand at a Southern accent.

This week, Ed performed in New York City at One Direction's big concert at Madison Square Garden, and while he's still stateside, the singer will perform at the Z100 Jingle Ball alongside fellow brits Cher Lloyd, Olly Murs and One Direction. But the most exciting Ed Sheeran news? He's been nominated for a Grammy.

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