Forbes Most Powerful People List Includes 6 Latinos (SLIDESHOW)

12/06/2012 04:44 pm ET
Forbes Most Powerful Latinos

Forbes’ “World’s Most Powerful People” list includes six Latin Americans this year: four presidents, a businessman and a drug trafficker. Three Mexicans made the list published by the magazine on Wednesday, along with a Brazilian, a Chilean and a Venezuelan.

While the U.S. Latino electorate drew plenty of media attention this year by helping swing the presidential elections, U.S. Hispanics have a way to go before wielding power on an international scale. None of the 71 people selected were U.S. Latinos.

Notably absent from the list is Brazil’s richest man, Eike Batista, a businessman with an estimated net worth of $30 billion, according to Forbes. (Batista did make number seven on the magazine’s “Billionaires” list.)

Editors at Forbes come up with the list by assessing how many people each candidate has power over, how much money and assets they control, whether they have power in multiple spheres, and whether they actively use their power.

Take a look at the world’s most powerful Latinos, according to Forbes, in the slideshow above.

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