12/07/2012 08:32 am ET Updated Jul 18, 2013

How To Remove Mold From Your Bathtub


There’s nothing that can ruin the clean feeling you get from showering quite like stepping into a tub that is lined with fungus. Not only is mold unsightly but it can also be hazardous to your health. Luckily, Jessica from This Blessed Life let us know that there is an easy way to remove mildew from your tub's grout.

All you have to do is pick up an inexpensive pack of cotton coil from a beauty supply store (used to protect your skin during the application of a perm) and soak it in bleach. Then, just let this sit on the mold overnight around the perimeter of the tub, working its magic and when you awake and pull the material away you should be left with a clean area.

We’ve tried endless times to scrub away the infected spots with bleach but it never seemed to do the trick. But letting it set for a couple of hours gives results we’ve all been looking for.

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