12/06/2012 10:57 am ET

No Sex, Please -- We're Domestic Goddesses

When "Smitten” blogger Deb Perleman tied the knot, she transformed her confessional dating chronicles into a beloved cooking site, adding the word “Kitchen” to her blog’s name. Her recipes are excellent, and her cookbook is high on my wish list. But swapping out lingerie for an apron has become a symptom of an online world where “lifestyle” is something to be perfectly arranged and presented rather than lived. Consider bloggers Elsie and Emma, who title their site “A Beautiful Mess.” One glance at the boudoir photos Elsie has posted and it’s clear that her bed invites anything but: The closest nod to intimacy is a breakfast-in-bed shot of Elsie posing with her husband, holding jam-jar tumblers with candy-striped straws bobbing in the OJ, as they awkwardly kiss for the camera. (Imagine if he soiled those kicky pink floral sheets?) Even the “mess” is a staged tableau. Search for “sex” on the site and all you’ll get is raunchy spam in the comments; Elsie and Emma devote themselves to rag-rolling their hair and fawning over homemade corndogs.

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